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Been a while

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Sorry for the silence on the site lately but we’ve been crazy busy. Trips to California and Philly plus lots of good stuff in the works. Grab whatever Biggie Smalls you can cause it’s almost gone. Don’t worry, we’re putting out a non barrel aged version called ODB, overly dank brown, that should be released early 2014. Droogs ipa is available now and super tasty. Waiting on label approval for Abide, our white Russian milk stout. Should be out soon. Cheers and have a great Xmas.

Cold Ass Honky

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Cold Ass Honky is our summer season and is available now. This saison is ridiculously dry hopped while still allowing the saison style to shine. We don’t call it farmhouse because it’s not. Think more trailer park saison. Get it while you can.


Skankin Dirty

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We have been friends with and fans of Ska Brewing from Durango CO for quite a long time, so we jumped at the chance to collaborate with them. After months of recipe work, our collaboration is brewed and about to head out to various locations. 9%abv and 129ibu imperial ipa- Skankin Dirty


Cold ass honky

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Our 8.5% aggressively hopped with Amarillo, farmhouse saison is test batched and headin for the brewhouse late April early may.


Best new brewery

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Ch-ch-check it out. Rate Beer listed little ole us as Best new brewer by region for MA. This is totally awesome and we can’t stop smiling.

ska collaboration

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We are more than excited to announce we have been working on a collaboration with Ska Brewing in Durango Colorado. This is the equivalent of a garage band working with led zeppelin. We can promise the beer will be just a little bit hoppy.


Best new beers of 2012

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Paste Magazine named Item Nine one of the 10 best new beers of 2012. We are honored to be on this list at #7 and want to point out that we ranked higher than Avery, Oskar Blues, & Stone; 3 breweries that should bow before our awesomeness (just kidding, we love their beers). This picture is not the actual issue, we just really dig Beck.


Dry hopped saison

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Look at these sexy beasts. We found a worthy home in our new dry hopped saison. We love this Belgian farmhouse style and think our take on it is the bees knees. Definitely not traditional but we don’t give a fuck cause everything is better with hops.


Hot fuzz

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Hot Fuzz is almost ready and will hit stores January 2013. We think the label is ultra hot and way rad.



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Get iPhone,iPad, & laptop cases featuring our beer labels from Brash artist Richard Bailey. Also prints and our favorite…throw pillows.